Joyita Ghose, welcomes you to the world of wearable art. With years of exploring various mediums of paints and techniques, she has found her true passion in creating hand-painted silk wearables. Through these items, she communicates her creative ideas to the world and, at the same time, makes art more accessible to everyone.


Inspired by a display of silk paintings she saw at an art fair, Joyita experimented with the medium and eventually honed her newfound skill at Brighton College in the UK. In addition to this, she studied fashion design at West Valley College in Saratoga, allowing for the seamless blend of her love for art and fashion.


When creating hand-painted silk accessories, Joyita tells stories rooted in her deep appreciation of nature and folk art. In these stories, customers find more than just a combination of vibrant colors and unique shapes. They get a sense of the soul of the artist and find elements that speak to their individuality.


Joyita uses White Chinese silk as her canvas, adding luxury to her timeless works of art. Every silk clothing she paints on comes out distinct from each other. And in a way, they’re custom pieces that only you can have.


When it comes to fashion, almost everyone wants to be unique. After all, being original is attractive. Joyita sees the need for wearables that can be used to develop a unique personal style. This is why she started Poshaq Silks, a shop for hand-painted silk clothing in the form of scarves, men’s ties, ponchos, and more. Joyita paints each piece, and no two artworks are alike.


At Poshaq Silks, prepare to see silk accessories that feature bold combinations of colors, lines, and techniques. Joyita isn’t afraid to experiment, and this shows in her collection of exceptional designs. Having started as a self-taught artist, she knows that experimenting can lead to beautiful discoveries. One of her creations, the “Faces of the World” tie, received turning heads and became a source of compliments. A customer of Joyita went to a coffee shop wherein the barista offered to buy the tie off him. From this scenario, a silk tie can add character to a man’s regular attire and also help him strike up a conversation.


Meanwhile, other delighted customers of Poshaq Skills have expressed a sense of pleasure in wearing a unique masterpiece. According to one of them, “I love wearing Joyita’s hand-painted silk scarves because I’m wearing a unique work of art. They always get compliments. I own several, and each year I look forward to adding to my collection. Each one is a surprising combination of colors and organic shapes. They are all so beautiful; it is tough to choose just one”.


Joyita’s hand-painted silk wearables are displayed at several US stores and exhibited at California Art and Craft fairs. Explore the website for hassle-free viewing and shopping of custom, wearable art pieces.