Poshaq silk scarves are hand-painted by artist Joyita Ghose. Each scarf is an exploration of brilliant colors, designs, and techniques.

The luxurious texture of pure habotai silk, silk charmeuse, and silk chiffons combined with French and Jacquard dyes lend the scarves their ultimate beauty. Inspired by nature, people, architecture, and typography, her scarves bring in a refreshing change with unusual designs and individuality.

The Charm and Benefits of Wearing Silk

The ethereal beauty and shimmering quality of silk are undeniable. Even in its most basic form, silk clothing is known for its shine and luster. Its beautiful drape can add glamour and a nonchalant chic feel to a woman's ensemble. Similarly, men are charmed by the allure of silk, particularly men's luxury silk ties. These ties can have the most radiant and rich colors, making them a commodity to stand out from the crowd.

Charm and beauty aside, there are actual benefits to wearing silk clothing: a silk scarf or a printed silk tie. Here are some of them:

  • Helps retain body heat - As a breathable fabric, silk has a natural way of regulating body temperature. In cold weather, wearing silk will add a warm layer of air without making you feel all hot and clammy.
  • Encourages moisture balance - It's been claimed that silk can help keep a youthful look by maintaining the skin's moisture. The silk's hypoallergenic properties also help keep skin allergies at bay by preventing the build-up of dust.
  • Easy to maintain - Silk is a fabric that develops far fewer wrinkles or creases than other clothing types. In the silk family, charmeuse is among the most wrinkle-resistant. A silk scarf or poncho made from this material may not need ironing.

What about silk ties? A bit of hot steam from the iron will remove their crinkles. Can you dry clean a silk tie? Yes - there are dry cleaners that specialize in cleaning silk ties. But the best way to keep it clean is to prevent spillage or spot-clean it right away.

A free-size, free-flowing silk dress is great for days when you want a little more space to move comfortably. You can get creative for a nipped-in waistline, use a scarf, and tie it around the waist.

Indeed, silk clothing comes in many shapes and sizes. There's always a piece of silk clothing set to elevate their attire for both men and women. The key is to lean towards a unique design that adds personality to the outfit and is unlike anything else. In this case, hand-painted silk clothing items are a worthy choice.

Silk Clothing in Its Many Beautiful Forms

The elegant appearance and soft feel of silk have made it quite common in high-end fashion. After the discovery of silk, it was only ever used by the wealthy, which made it one of the most luxurious fabrics out there.

But with the present day's mass production and lower costs, a broader population can now access silk and its different forms, including the following:

Scarves - A scarf is a simple yet versatile piece of cloth, usually worn around the neck or shoulders or sometimes over the head. Silk scarves around the hair are good as they keep the hair soft, free of tangles, and moisturized. More importantly, it simply looks chic!

Besides being a hair accessory, recent trends saw scarves worn as a top or around a handbag. A hand painted silk scarf bursting with bright colors can also be a summer accessory.

Ties - Since silk is a luxurious natural fiber, men's silk ties are considered a part of high fashion neckwear. Classic plain ties go well with business or formal attires. But if making a lasting impression is the goal, narrow silk ties with eye-catching prints are worth considering. Go for a hand-painted silk tie to add character to regular attire.

Ponchos - Ponchos are outer garments designed to keep the body warm so they're usually made from knitted or crocheted wool or yarn. Of course, there are also ponchos made from silk. These are smooth, light, and fluid garments, making them ideal for layering. When worn, they have this soft fit and flowing effect that make them among the most comfortable wearables.

A silk poncho can give off a refreshing vibe when designed with prints inspired by nature, flora, and fauna. Floral silk ponchos, in particular, evoke a sense of sophistication and femininity. When it's springtime, the vivid colors and exciting patterns of floral ponchos will make the season more alive.

Dresses - Silk dresses are a fashion mainstay because they are luxurious, elegant, and drape beautifully like other silk clothing items. Depending on the design, they can be ideal for the summer, spring, or fall. During the winter, pop an overcoat on top and you're done.

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The Different Types of Silk

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Hand Painted Silk Wearables by Joyita Ghose

Joyita Ghose, a self-taught artist, has experimented with various mediums of paint for numerous years. She was fascinated with a display of silk painting she saw at an art fair and has since then researched and explored the medium.

Every time she creates a hand painted silk scarf, myriads of colors and designs combine together to create a story. She draws her inspiration from her surroundings; a strong sense of awareness of nature permeates through her craft. Her deep appreciation of ancient folk art imbues her consciousness with subtle patterns of thought which come alive in mysterious ways through her work.

She has been a recipient of a Textile Design Award by the California Symposium for Community Colleges while she was a student of fashion design at West Valley College, Saratoga. She honed her silk painting skills at Brighton College, UK, where experienced teachers of this craft ably guided her.

Her scarves are displayed at stores across the USA and exhibited at California Art and Craft fairs. Later on, Joyita expanded her craft by producing printed silk fabric in the form of ponchos, men's silk ties, and wall art.

Men's Ties

How Poshaq Silks is Giving Life to a Canvas of White Silk

Joyita is the creative genius behind Poshaq Silks, the go-to shop for printed silk fabric you won't find anywhere else. Joyita and Poshaq Silks take pride in their original and colorful silk ties for sale, as well as hand-painted scarves and ponchos that can be worn in many different ways.

Each item is painted individually by Joyita, giving them their unique quality. White Chinese silk is the canvas for her paintings. She uses different kinds of silk to provide variety to her hand painted fabric products. These include pure habotai silk, silk charmeuse, and silk chiffons.

Joyita's art is free-flowing and almost always has an organic look to it. She is fascinated with tribal faces worldwide and often has them entwined in leaves and birds in her folk art collection. Flowers and leaves flow swiftly and efficiently through her brush while painting her unique spring and summer collection of tropical flowers or the soft colors of the English garden. Some of her paintings are inspired by her grandmother's paintings on the floor of their house in India with crushed rice flour paste during special festivals.

Joyita also goes deep into producing abstract art on silk clothing, showcasing expertise in the visual language of form, color, and shape. Once the creative energy is released, she goes into exploring color combinations and techniques to produce unique yet memorable works of art.

The mind is open, the ideas are endless, and all she sees and finds beauty in her surroundings find a place in her paintings.

Unusually Lovely Patterned Silk Fabric for Everyone

Joyita is comfortable making bold color combinations, resulting in hand-painted silk wearables that are unlike anything else in the market. When wearing a scarf, tie, or poncho from Poshaq Silks, you're wearing a masterpiece.

Made to reflect every person's unique personality, each patterned silk fabric from Poshaq Silks is distinct from the other. Yet, they are somehow linked, inspired by nature, people, architecture, and typography.

Best of all, Poshaq Silks has silk wearables for every occasion, from casual to formal events. Hand-painted silk ponchos are among the most versatile products from this shop. They can be worn as a free-flowing top, a fitted blouse, or even a scarf. Men are not left out either with the availability of narrow silk ties. Their brilliant colors and designs are "something to talk about" and represent one's business, job, or hobby.

Poshaq Silks only use quality silk fabric to ensure longevity and intense coloration. Each scarf is hand hemmed, created with a lot of care and attention to detail. Ponchos showcase

high-grade material, making it flexible and wearable in different ways. Heavyweight charmeuse silk is used for ties so they drape and tie well. Each item presents brilliant pops of color made by French and Jacquard dyes.

To learn more about Poshaq Silks, Joyita, and all the striking silk wearables they have to offer, explore the shop and make an inquiry for custom questions/requests.